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A country already rich in culture, heritage and natural beauty, Ireland has also built its reputation as a European home for global business & technology and it continues to attract the world’s largest, brightest and most innovative employers.  

If you have not been to Ireland in recent years or you are relying on traditional representations of the country and its people, you may find yourself surprised as to how modern, open and progressive living and working in Ireland has become. 

While the Irish people still hold tradition, friendship, community and a sense of fun close to their heart, Ireland also means business and here are some numbers….


– 1 –

Ireland has the fastest growing economy in the EU.

Ireland is ranked as No. 1 most competitive economy in the Eurozone and No. 7 globally (2016 IMD World Economic Competitiveness Yearbook rankings)

Ireland is ranked No. 1 globally in terms of the openness of its national culture to foreign ideas (2016 IMD World Economic Competitiveness Yearbook rankings) 

Ireland is the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote in 2015. 


– 2 –

Ireland is the second most attractive location for jobseekers in the EU (Business World 2016).


– 3 –

Dublin is ranked in 3rd Place in the FDI Intelligence European Cities and Regions of the Future Index 2016.


– 4 –

Ireland is ranked at No. 4 in the Top Ten Safest Countries in the World (Legatum Institute).


– 5 –

Ireland is ranked at No. 5 in the world ranking of countries for Personal Freedoms (Legatum Institute 2016).


– 6 –

Ireland is ranked No. 6 in the world’s top countries for Women Workers & Entrepreneurs (World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report).


– 9 –

of the world’s Top 10 Global Technology firms are based in Ireland, where the European headquarters of Microsoft, Google, Facebook , Paypal, eBay and many others multinational companies are also located.


 – 10 –

Ireland comes in 10th in the World’s Most educated Countries (OECD)    


– 19 –

of the Top 20 Global Pharma & Life Science firms have substantial operations in Ireland.


– 33 –

Dublin was ranked as the 33rd Best City in the world for Quality of Life (Mercer)


– 40% –

of the Irish population is under 30 years of age and Ireland has the youngest population in the Europe.


– 52% –

of 25-34 year olds in Ireland have a third level educational qualification, 10% higher than the OECD average.


– 180 –

is the number of direct flight destinations available from Dublin Airport (Dublin Airport Authority 2016).  


– 1,254 –

Ireland is home to more than 1,254 multinational companies across all business sectors.


– 25,000,000 –

The number of passengers welcomed by Dublin Airport last year - over 5 times the total population of Ireland (Dublin Airport Authority 2015).


If you are relocating to Ireland on assignment and would like to find out more about what it is like working and living here or how Onboard Ireland can help your transition