Relocation Expense Management

Onboard Ireland can offer a comprehensive expense management service to support you in delivering your employee mobility programme

Our service can centralise, manage and control all relocation payments within your set budget parameters and will allow you to optimally manage costs for each assignee while ensuring compliance with your company’s employee mobility policies. 

Our service can greatly reduce the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and payments.  We can manage rents, utility payments, car rental/leasing payments, club subscriptions, personal allowances and other payments you may require to be managed.

Our highly experienced financial planners can also prepare costed relocation budgets and projections and provide your company with considered and detailed options to simplify budget and policy decisions.  

The benefits of Onboard Ireland’s Expense Management Service include;

  • Manage all relocation costs in one place, centralise data and significantly reduce administration.
  • Centralise management of rents and supplier payments in accordance your company’s policy and budget.
  • Real time reporting provided for each relocation project so you can easily track spend and review and manage budget performance.
  • Simplify reconciliation for compliance and audit purposes.
  • Provide greater oversight and analysis into the cost of relocating employees to Ireland and ensure you are achieving value in your mobility programme.