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Ireland has an excellent reputation for being an open economy with a highly commercial and international outlook.

Irish government policy is keen to promote and develop international trade links and the movement of international assignees and secondees with key knowledge and skills to Ireland is seen as essential to the continued growth and development of international business.  

Notwithstanding this, rigorous criteria are applied by the Irish State when assessing and processing each individual assignee application for both visas and Irish employment permits. 

It is important to note that employment permit applications are separately assessed by a separate state agency (The Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation) and your employment permit application process needs to be coordinated with your visa application (if a visa is required).

As with most countries, Ireland operates a multitude of employment permits depending on the nature and length of your assignment, the nature of your work, your skills, qualifications and a wide variety of other criteria.  


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Immigration Resources 

Irish immigration laws are extensive and their application to individual applicants can sometimes be complex.   

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