Irish School Search Service

As a family orientated company, Onboard Ireland understands that for clients travelling with young families, finding the right school in Ireland with a high quality of education and nurturing environment is of paramount importance to your child’s development and welfare.  

Children can also benefit enormously from the experience of living in Ireland but if they are anything like our children, they may not appreciate the disruption of the transition initially!   

How you plan this transition for your children and how you support them throughout the process is key to helping them make the transition and also central to the overall success of your relocation.

Onboard Ireland’s Agents providing this service are all parents of school going children, understand Irish school admission policies and understand the particular difficulties that families face transitioning their children to a new home and a new school environment.

We will take the time and effort to learn about your children, their strengths, talents and weaknesses and we will do everything in our power to support you in locating the best school to nurture and meet your child’s needs.

  • Guidance and advice on school admissions policies in Ireland and availability of places in local schools. 
  • Locally sourced advice from parents and education professionals to assist with short-listing suitable schools.
  • Provision of background information and school evaluation reports.
  • Direct liaison with local schools and scheduling of pre-admission meetings.
  • Accompanied school visits with clients and their children to provide support. 
  • Advanced ordering of books, uniforms and students school supplies where required. 

If you would like to find out how Onboard Ireland can provide practical and informed help and support for your children’s transition to a new life in Ireland