GLOBAL MobilIty Services

We can manage the essential elements of successful onboarding that are difficult for you to reach.


Whether it is to the purpose of stimulating business growth, developing leadership, talent sharing or acquiring subject matter expertise, managing increasing numbers of internationally mobile employees and an increasing variety of assignments has become an essential aspect of human resource management for multinational companies operating in Ireland.   

For global companies in Ireland, it is more important than ever to have a strong, efficient and supportive local onboarding process to enable and support new assignees.

Onboard Ireland provides companies with a full range of expert onboarding solutions that will greatly reduce the burden of managing assignments on your HR Function and will provide your assignees with dedicated personal support to help their transition and focus on their new role. 

Our services are flexible and can dove-tail with your existing in-house expertise, build on your existing onboarding programme or deliver a fully mapped solution for any assignment.

We pride ourselves on our ability to support employers and assignees before, during and after each assignment and can deliver a solution to fit every assignment. 

Our Services

Onboard Ireland can support your business with a full suite of employee mobility solutions that can reduce the time and cost of managing international employee mobility and transform the relocation experience for assignees.

Our services include;

  • Assignment Planning & Feasibility Studies.
  • Immigration & Employment Permits (Applications, Renewals & Tracking)
  • Rental Accommodation Searches.
  • Orientation Tours & School Searches.
  • Assignee Arrival, Registration & Home Set-Up Services
  • Assignee Career Support & Cross Cultural Services

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Our services can;

  • Reduce the overall time to on-board new assignees, increase productivity and assignee focus.
  • Address the most time consuming and difficult aspects of managing global employee mobility and reduce the amount of internal resource taken up dealing with these.
  • Address the critical lifestyle aspects of relocation, which are vitally important for a successful assignment but frequently outside of your control or influence.
  • Reduce obstacles to attracting new talent to your operation in Ireland and help assignees overcome their anxieties about relocating.
  • Provide your assignees with a great first impression of your company and proactively demonstrate your commitment to support their assignment and future success.
  • Increase retention of key executives and highly skilled staff by laying a solid foundation for them to create a new, exciting and enduring working life in Ireland.
  • Help your assignees overcome any difficulties establishing themselves at your specific location (e.g. accommodation sourcing in a difficult market, reviewing commuting options, lifestyle costs, access to amenities etc.).
  • Provide your assignees with friendly and helpful support for a number of months after their arrival, covering the period that assignees typically find the most difficult in terms of settling in while assimilating a new culture and working environment.
  • Manage costs and provide clear and transparent reporting on assignee expenditure.

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Our Commitment to Assignees

At Onboard Ireland, we deliver a highly personalised service that makes a lasting positive impression on each individual assignee as they work through their transition to a new working life in Ireland.  

We focus, in particular, on the lifestyle needs of assignees and building a life outside of the workplace, which will support their happiness and commitment to your company; an aspect of onboarding which can be almost impossible for HR managers to influence but is frequently the cause of difficulties for assignees, leading to under-performance or staff turnover.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service, commitment and support to all of our clients and assignees and we are constantly looking to add value for both in terms of managing costs and looking for alternative and lower cost solutions. 

In short, we are dedicated to supporting each individual assignee through every stage of transition and until time as they feel that they belong in Ireland. 

Our Employee Mobility Packages

At Onboard Ireland, we can design a solution for every assignee that will help build a strong foundation for a successful working life in your company.

Our employee mobility services can be delivered as individual services to compliment your existing expertise or can be bundled to reflect the requirements and budget for an individual assignments.

We provide packages for Junior, Mid & Senior Level Executives (and their families) that are designed to deliver a thoughtful and highly supportive corporate solution for each assignee but also reflect the current diversity of internationally mobile employees and relocation budgets.

With the price of our onboarding packages starting from €495.00, we believe that we can offer every company a solution to support every international assignee. 


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