Career Support Services

Executive Coaching in Ireland

Taking up a new role on a foreign assignment or secondment is full of opportunity and excitement but can also bring new personal challenges for assignees.

A secondment or assignment to Ireland is often accompanied by a new role and additional responsibilities.  For many assignees, this can be an ideal time to avail of career coaching to improve their onboarding experience, focus on delivering results and enhance their own skills.

Onboard Ireland offers a range of career support services tailored specifically for new assignees to Ireland.  Our coaching will address your individual needs and is delivered with a specific understanding of the dual challenges of assimilating local business cultures, while also leading your businesses forward.

All our coaching services are provided by leading executive coaching experts, who have helped and supported senior executives in some of the largest multi-national companies based in Ireland.  

Our Career Support services for Irish assignees include;

  • Career Coaching
  • Communication Training
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Media Training
  • Facilitation


Your ability to clearly communicate with colleagues, business partners and clients is a key element to the success of your assignment.  For some assignees, accents and pronunciation can sometimes lead to mis-communication, confusion and can reduce your personal effectiveness in your new role. 

Onboard Ireland’s voice coaching services can help you to refine and develop your communication skills to improve your personal presence and influence through confident vocal delivery.

Our services are designed and delivered by leading professionals in this field who have extensive experience working with native and non-native English speaking business executives.  

The service can be tailored to address the situations in which you are most likely to require strong communication skills while in Ireland and can be delivered before you arrive (online) or in person.

Our voice coaching service can;

  • Improve your pronunciation of English so you speak with greater confidence & clarity.
  • Help to polish your current accent and speaking style whether you are a native or non-native speaker.
  • Build your confidence when speaking or giving presentations to colleagues, business partners or clients.
  • Improve your 1-2-1 business communication, presence and influencing skills.

Contact Onboard Ireland to find out more about how our services can help with your assignment in Ireland and give you skills to support your career