Irish Immigration Services

Irish Immigration 

An essential first step for all relocations should be to ensure that you have secured the correct type of immigration visa and employment permit to support your stay in Ireland.

If you are moving to Ireland on work assignment or as a new recruit, many Irish host companies will manage your application for an employment permit and may also offer assistance with your (separate) visa application, if required (See Below).  

You should check with your employer as to what assistance they can offer you (or family members if also travelling together) in respect of work permit and/or visa applications and ensure that your immigration applications will meet your personal requirements (e.g. single entry v multiple-entry visas).  

Ultimately, you are personally responsible for the correctness and validity of your visa and work permit on arrival in Ireland (and throughout your stay) so it is vital to double check that all your documents are in order before you confirm your travel plans.

It normally will take a number of weeks for applications to be processed by the various Irish government agencies, so you should allow plenty of time (c.6-12 weeks) for this when planning your relocation.  

Some applications for individual Irish business visas are processed more quickly (c.10 days) but it is very important to attend to and coordinate whatever applications you require (visa and/or work permit) at the earliest stage possible, to ascertain what the likely processing times are and to avoid unexpected delays. 

Onboard Ireland – Irish Immigration Services

Onboard Ireland can provide you with a comprehensive, streamlined and highly professional service to assist you negotiate every step of the Irish visa and work permit application process from beginning to end.

Our Irish Immigration Service includes;

  • Assessment of the nature and purpose of you application and which Irish immigration visa (and work permit) is most appropriate to your circumstances.
  • Review of all required accompanying documentation.
  • Administration and completion of short-term & long term Irish visa and work permit applications.
  • Liaison with your host employer in relation to their input and sponsorship of your visa and work permit applications.
  • Liaison with your country’s Irish consulate office in relation to their input for your visa application.
  • Monitor progress and keep you updated through to completion of your application.

Benefits of our Service Include;

  • Specialist, up to date, knowledge and expertise on Irish immigration laws and the Irish immigration system.
  • Timely management of applications to ensure delays are minimised.
  • Significantly reduced potential for application errors.
  • Save you considerable time and stress.

Find out how Onboard Ireland can help individuals and companies manage applications for visas and employment permits