International Student Support Service

(Dublin Universities) 

Spending a year or a semester studying in one of Dublin’s Universities can be a wonderfully enriching, valuable and enjoyable life experience.

Many Irish universities are ranked very highly in international tables and they have a very long and proud tradition of participation in international student exchange programs.

Onboard Ireland recognise that for many international students, their time studying in Ireland may be their first experience of living abroad and assimilating into a different culture.  While this is most likely to be an overwhelmingly positive experience, students can sometimes struggle with some aspects of their time living abroad; especially when there is separation from parents, family & friends who would normally provide them with sound advice and a strong support network.

Onboard Ireland’s Student Support Service is designed to assist international university students by providing advice and practical assistance on any day-to-day problems or difficulties they may encounter for the duration of their studies in Ireland.   

We work closely with students, their parents and guardians to seek resolution of any problems that they may encounter outside of college during their stay. All of our Agents providing Onboard Ireland’s Student Support Service are themselves parents and are alumni of the universities you are likely to be attending in Dublin.


If you would like to find out more about studying in Ireland and how we can support you during your stay, why not speak with one of our Consultants today


Our Standard Student Support Service Package Includes;

  • Airport pick-up of each student by their dedicated Onboard Ireland Advisor.
  • Welcome Pack including practical information on living and studying in Dublin.
  • Orientation Tour of Dublin with their Advisor who will provide practical on living in Dublin and advice on personal safety in the City.
  • Telephone information & support service for duration of studies (7 Days per week).
  • Emergency Call Out in case of difficulties arising.
  • Parental/Guardian Assistance & Liaison.
  • Regular check-in with students.

In addition, Onboard Ireland can provide further assistance by request including, Student Accommodation Searches, Tenancy Management Services, Student Call-Out Assistance, Language & Cross Cultural Training, Student Advocacy etc.

The benefits of our International Student Service include;

  • Access to the local knowledge and experience of a dedicated Onboard Ireland Agent for each student.
  • A single point of contact and a reliable, mature source of support for each student.
  • Advice and assistance in dealing with any off-campus issues that can arise.
  • Peace of mind that there is the resource of a team of responsible adults available to provide local information and support to the student and parents/guardians if required.
  • Impartial, practical & independent support on the ground.
  • Liaison with parents and guardians and provision of assistance in resolving any difficulties being experienced by the student while studying in Ireland.
  • Each student will be met by their Onboard Ireland Advisor on arrival in Dublin and will retain this dedicated team member as their primary point of contact throughout their stay in Ireland.
Note: Irish universities accepting admissions from international students will normally provide a broad range of assistance and student supports through their college especially around academic services, accommodation and personal supports. Onboard Ireland strongly recommends that you familiarise yourself with these excellent services, which are available to travelling students at no cost or limited cost.  For example, student campus accommodation will certainly be a cheaper and generally more desirable option for students studying abroad for the first time. Our International Student Support Service is designed to complement and build on these services and focuses on student life and difficulties that may be encountered principally off-campus.