Destination Services in Ireland

Onboard Ireland offers the most comprehensive range of destination services available to help you with every aspect of arriving and setting-up your new home and lifestyle in Ireland.

All of our services are designed to save you time and money, reduce stress and allow you to focus on your most important personal priorities while you settle and assimilate the culture.

You can pick and choose from our wide range of Arrival & Destination Services and we are always happy to help with individual relocation requirements and tailor a solution to meet any need you might have.  We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our absolute commitment to go to whatever length it takes to make your transition to Ireland personal and seamless.


If you would like to discuss how our Destination or Arrival Services can help you


Arrival & Registration Services

Quick start to Ireland!

The planning and preparation of Onboard Ireland’s Arrival & Registration Services starts long before you touch down in Ireland and will greatly assist you in finding your feet, minimising difficulties with local registrations and bureaucracy and reducing the amount of time required to re-establish your lifestyle in Ireland.  

Your dedicated Onboard Ireland Consultant will carefully assess and review your individual relocation needs before matching and re-designing our services to best meet your personal requirements.

Our Standard Arrival Services include;

  • Airport Pick Up and Orientation Tour.
  • Welcome Pack with essential information.
  • Assisted Immigration Registration in Ireland (GNIB Registration).
  • Assisted Social Security Registration in Ireland (PPS Registration).
  • Setting up of Local Banking & Insurance Services in Ireland.
  • Setting up Local Cell Phone & Mobile Device Services in Ireland.
  • Advice on local Medical Services and Health Insurance.
  • Advice on a range of local services & amenities (focussed around your interests).

To find out how Onboard Ireland can save you very significant time and inconvenience and let you focus on more important matters, talk to one of our Agents