Orientation TourS

At Onboard Ireland, we believe that locally informed research and quality planning is an essential element for a successful relocation.

Our Orientation Tours are built around your lifestyle preferences and greatly help assignees and their families by allowing you to visualise your new lifestyle, test out your own ideas and directly address any queries or anxieties you may have about your transitiion to a new life in Ireland.

Our Consultants will thoroughly prepare and plan your Orientation Tour in advance so that you can quickly visit a wide range of neighbourhoods, amenities and services that most closely match your personal requirements.

You will also receive first-hand, honest and considered information from our local Consultants about all aspects of living and working in Ireland as well as information relating to any special areas of interest you may have.

Our Orientation Tour Service includes;

  • Free preliminary consultation to discuss the principle objectives and goals for your orientation tour.
  • Individual client needs & lifestyle assessment.
  • Pre-tour itinerary giving outline details on neighbourhoods, amenities and services to be visited as well as topics of special interest to be covered with your Consultant.
  • Free pick up from airport (or other location) on the day of your Orientation Tour.
  • Overview of Irish culture, customs, Irish society, cost of living etc.
  • Overview of the range of housing options, neighbourhoods and estimated costs.
  • Information on ease of commuting and transportation from different neighbourhoods.
  • Information on local shopping and restaurants.
  • Information on local amenities, leisure activities, sporting and cultural facilities.
  • Information on healthcare and places of worship.
  • Information on local schools and an overview of childcare facilities in Ireland.
  • Orientation Tour summation report.

Contact one of our relocation consultants today to find out more on how Onboard Ireland’s Orientation Tours can put your mind at ease and save you time and money