Rental Home Search (Dublin & Ireland)

Finding a rental property in Ireland that meets your individual requirements, lifestyle preferences and budget is a crucial element of any successful relocation.

Demand for rental property in Ireland (especially in Dublin) is very high and a determined and sustained search process is required to secure the right property for you.

Onboard Ireland’s methodology and success rate in finding rental properties in Ireland for assignees is exceptional.  Our Consultants have expert knowledge of the local real estate market and letting agents and we will go to enormous lengths to ensure that we find you the right property, within budget and in the right location.  

Our Consultants are entirely independent and will offer you impartial and practical advice throughout the search process and our service can also be tailored around your personal schedule.

Our Services include;

  • Free preliminary consultation to help you understand the Irish property market.
  • Individual client needs & lifestyle assessment.
  • Pre-arrival report on neighbourhoods most likely to meet your established lifestyle needs; including advice on transportation links, commuting times, local amenities, schools, shopping, recreation and dining.
  • Pre-arrival market shortlist of available rental properties and an itinerary for your accompanied Home Search.
  • Free pick up from airport (or other location) on the day of your accompanied Home Search.
  • Bespoke search plan & scheduling of property viewing appointments.
  • Accompanied or Remote viewings facilitated.
  • Assistance with negotiating favourable lease terms and conditions with local property agents.

Find out more about how Onboard Ireland can help find you a perfect home rental in Ireland