Pet Immigration

Relocating to Ireland with your much loved pet can provide you with the immediate comfort and love of a trusted friend while you are settling in to your new home.  

Having your pet with you during your stay can greatly reduce the stress of a relocation and can be extremely beneficial to your overall relocation experience, happiness and productivity while on assignment.

Travelling to Ireland with Your Pet.

Ireland is a world class producer of agricultural produce and to prevent the introduction of disease, pet immigration to Ireland is very strictly controlled.  It is, therefore, essential that your Pet has been appropriately microchipped and has obtained the correct veterinary documentation, pet passport and treatment (where required and at the specified time intervals) prior to travelling.  

Pet immigration to Ireland varies according to whether you are travelling from within the EU or from Outside the EU. 

Pets holding an EU Passport may still have to receive veterinary treatment in the days before travel (depending on the country of departure) so be sure to check out the specific status attaching to the EU country you are travelling from and what conditions of pet entry apply.

For Pets travelling from outside of the EU, a country by country risk profile is applied and requirements on Owners, in terms of veterinary treatment and documentation for their pet, can vary.

As some of the immigration requirements are time specific, properly planning and preparing for your Pet’s journey well ahead of time is essential to avoid deportation or quarantine and to ensure that you are re-united with your friend as soon as possible.

Onboard Ireland’s Pet Immigration Service is specifically designed to assist you in making all of the necessary arrangements for a smooth journey and transition for your Pet to Ireland.

Onboard Ireland’s Service can;

  • Assist you in managing the immigration and documentation process for your pet.
  • Advise you on flight bookings with airline carriers approved by the Irish State.
  • Advise you of flight progress and arrivals, if your Pet is travelling independently.
  • Arrange airport collection for your pet.
  • Arrange grooming on arrival.
  • Assist in finding a suitable dog-walking service at your new home.
  • Assist in finding pet minders/kennels, while you are away.

Pets in Ireland

Ireland is a pet friendly country with a large number of publicly accessible parks and walkways available for exercise and adventure! There is no reason why your Pet cannot enjoy the relocation experience in Ireland just as much as you!

Small animal veterinary care in Ireland is of the highest international standards and is very widely accessible throughout the country.

Finding accommodation in Ireland that will accept pet residents, however, can be significantly more difficult and you should factor this in by allowing more time for your rental property searches.

If you are travelling further afield while on relocation, there are a range of well-run private kennels and pet minding services available.