Personal Taxation Services

Taxation in Ireland

Once you have arrived in Ireland you will need to register for personal taxation in conjunction with commencement of your employment in the state.

To ensure that you appropriately manage your tax affairs and maximise the amount of personal tax reliefs and benefits you may be entitled to, we strongly recommend that you seek professional advice through your host company or a qualified tax advisor, if this is more appropriate.

In a number of circumstances, new assignees arriving in Ireland may be in a position to avail of significant tax incentives and reliefs on their Irish income tax liability depending on the specific circumstances, nature and timing of their relocation and employment.  Examples of tax reliefs that may be available include, Special Assignee Relief Programme, Foreign Earning Deductions Reliefs and Research & Development Tax Credits.

Assignees may also have income from investments or other sources outside of Ireland and may require independent professional advice in relation to the appropriate and most beneficial taxation treatment of these income sources.

Whatever your personal taxation position is on arrival, Onboard Ireland can offer a professional and cost-effective service solution delivered by highly experienced and qualified Irish tax practitioners.  

Personal Taxation Services

Through our taxation partner firms, Onboard Ireland can provide you with a professional and cost-effective taxation advice service.  Our partner firms all have extensive experience in managing the tax affairs of newly arrived assignees to Ireland, are fully authorised and regulated to provide professional tax advice and carry professional indemnity insurance to protect you.

Our partner firms can guide you, step-by-step, through the Irish income taxation system, provide advice specific to your personal circumstances, prepare and file tax returns and provide a range of other personal and business accounting services if required. 


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